The Substance Abuse & Crime Prevention Act of 2000

The Substance Abuse & Crime Prevention Act of 2000 (SACPA/Prop 36), approved by California voters in November 2000, provides offenders convicted of drug possession or drug use, with treatment instead of jail or prison time. Both first-time and repeat drug offenders are eligible to participate in the program. Some offenders who have other charges or convictions may not be eligible. The program is designed to address addiction through integrated treatment and supervision, and to enhance public safety by reducing drug-related crime. Clients in the SACPA program participate in a comprehensive process that includes assessment, treatment, probation supervision, and regular progress reviews by the Court.


The Probation Department and the Department of Alcohol and Drug Services (DADS) work together to assess each SACPA program participant. Probation officers assess issues of public safety and recommend the appropriate level of probation supervision. DADS staff members assess the participant’s le el of addiction and need, and recommend the appropriate level of treatment. Questions about assessment can be directed to the County’s new Assessment Center at 408-295-3636. The Center is located at 255 West Julian Street, Suite 100 San Jose, California 95110.


Santa Clara County is dedicated to providing quality treatment for program participants. Nearly 300 health, criminal justice, and community treatment provider professionals have received special training to help develop a common understanding of the dynamics of addiction and recovery, and the SACPA program procedures.

Treatment generally begins with an orientation that provides an overview of the treatment program, service resources, community resources, and court and probation requirements. Orientation also motivates clients to comply with their treatment programs. These services are offered days, evenings, and weekends to make easy accessibility, and childcare is provided onsite at one location.

When participants go to their treatment providers, they receive individualized treatment plans based on their assessed needs and level of motivation. A full range of additional services, including transitional housing (sober living environments), case management, psychiatric care, vocational counseling and job training, may be directed to an ancillary services coordinator to meet their particular needs.

Community provides who contract with DADS generally provide treatment services. Questions about treatment providers can be directed to the Department of Alcohol and Drug Services at 408-792-5670.

All outpatient counseling centers and residential treatment facilities participating in the program are certified or licensed by the State of California, as required by SACPA. Transitional housing units are certified through a local program managed by the Office of the District Attorney. The Certification Program monitors and oversees transitional housing units through the services of four highly trained investigators, who also respond to community concerns and complaints. A Certified Home Hotline is open 24 hours a day at 1-800-447-1161.


Probation supervision is assigned based on the level of need. Intensive supervision, where there is frequent interaction between the probation officer and the participant, is available for some clients. Probation staff administers drug testing as required by the Court. The Adult Probation Office can be reached at 408-435-2100.

Progress Reviews

Typically, program participants return to court for periodic reviews of their treatment progress. Each of the nine courts that hear SACPA cases has been assigned a case manager who helps the court track cases and client progress. Judges also receive information about the participant’s progress from the probation officers and treatment providers.

An early review of the program indicates a high compliance rate with probation conditions.

SACPA Program Numbers

Adult Probation Office  (408) 435-2100

Assessment Center  (408) 295-3636

Certified Home Hotline  1 (800) 447-1161

Department of Alcohol and Drug Services  (408) 792-5651​

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